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This agreement describes the conditions and rules under which SIA Webby ("our company", "we") offers you its services at pngcompress.net.

This agreement will be governed by the laws of The Republic of Latvia, without reference to conflict of laws principles. You agree that any litigation relating to this agreement may only be brought in, and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of, any Court of The Republic of Latvia.

Terms By using the services of pngcompress.net, you agree to observe all of the following conditions and rules:

Use of the pngcompress.net service is at your own risk.

You bear full responsibility for any data transmitted to pngcompress.net servers.

You agree not to use the pngcompress.net service to upload any illegal materials.

You agree not to integrate the pngcompress.net service into your own or 3rd party applications.

You may use the pngcompress.net service for any purpose, personal or commercial.

We reserves the right to change or cease any of services at pngcompress.net, at any time.

We reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement without notice.

The pngcompress.net service does not provide any guarantees.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to us. These Terms of Service incorporate the Privacy Policy.

Copyright Policy Don't use our services and intellectual property for any form of infringement.

You are responsible only for the data (e.g., files, URLs) that you send to the pngcompress.net service. pngcompress.net does not monitor customer content. Please remember that illicit exchanges of recordings and protected works and hacking harm artistic creation. And please respect the laws in force, especially those concerning intellectual and artistic property.